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Male lions – the ultimate chauvinists?

A few weeks ago I came across a pride of 12 lions that had killed a buffalo. Judging by their full bellies they all had eaten something, but now the two dominant males had taken over what remained – a not inconsiderable amount of meat! As the day wore on some of the lionesses and cubs started feeling peckish and began creeping towards the carcass and the two males. This resulted in furious growling and frequent attacks from the two gentlemen. One of the lionesses suffered a large gash down her ribs. One of the cubs went flying after being swatted. Now I’m almost sure the males played a role in killing the buffalo, but based on what I’ve seen and read, the lionesses did more than their bit as well. The following day the pride killed a zebra and once again these two greedy pigs hogged the entire kill. Only after they’d polished off a huge amount of the zebra did any of the lionesses and cubs get their chance.

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